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Recent Work

This is a unique copy of The Merle, an artist’s book prototype I made as part of a grant proposal I submitted earlier this year to a museum.  If accepted, it would be produced in an edition of 125 copies.

On 1/1/11, two exuberant clouds of energy met in mid-air.  Both the fireworks and the blackbirds fizzled to the ground.  This book intends to memorialize the bygone merle (which is the collective noun for blackbirds), and to serve as a reminder that our actions have consequences.

The Merle consists of my drawing of a flock of red-winged blackbirds, which folds out into a 3-part screen that opens to 12″ x 27″.  Accompanying the drawing is a reproduction of an AP news story describing the event.  The marbled endpapers depict the story as well: fire or synaptic explosions on the left, smoky night sky on the right.

An aside: I have long wanted to make an artist’s book about collective nouns for animals, but after reading James Lipton’s An Exaltation of Larks, I felt the world had what it needed.  Highly recommended reading for word-, animal-, and oddity-lovers.

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Panther! and Bear Fight

type by Dan Mayer, etchings by Sara Press
Panther! and Bear Fight

Panther! And Bear Fight, 2012. A suite of four etchings depicting contemporary Mixed-Martial-Arts fighters, interleaved with text from a panther/bear fight advertising poster from the 1850’s.  Type designed by Dan Mayer.  9 prints inside a solid maple box with the title burnt on lid.    Edition of 7.  $700 each.


“Evolve” comes from “to unroll” in Latin.   This book, a snake that unrolls out of a felt egg, considers a recent evolutionary theory.

Evolve=Unroll,  2012.  This book presents and considers Snake Detection Theory, put forth by Lynne A. Isbell and others, which proposes that humans and certain other primates developed our excellent vision and intelligence due largely to co-evolution with snakes.  A viewer’s own visceral response (or lack thereof) to the bookform itself might inform whether one agrees with the theory or not.  Coiled-up blind embossed & letterpress scroll, inside snake egg felted by Laurie Whitehill Chong.   Approx. 5”x 6”x 5”.    Edition of 42.   $400 each.

The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep

Deeply Game’s 9th book, The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, is now available.  Andrew Rottner, of Super Classy Publishing, collaborated on this tribute to printing’s golden age.   The story is a misremembered parable, written by Christina Lauritsen.  It re-imagines H.C. Andersen’s classic tale of the same name as a story of revelation and madness.  The visual progression of the book mirrors the plot, pitting the beauty of the decorative arts against the intense and unpredictable messiness of human experience.   This book confronts the inevitability of loss as well as bows to intellectual freedom and its attendant risks.

The book is roughly 7″x9″, with images (drawn by Andrew Rottner) and text letterpressed on to rich giclée backgrounds.  The book features two 26″ wide foldouts and a cut-marbled-paper and brocade cover.

There are 50 copies for sale.    $900.  With matching clamshell box, $1100.

To order a book with or without the box: contact Sara or Andy.

Sara Press: sarapress [at] gmail [dot] com

Deeply Game Productions (917) 523-4848

Andy Rottner: superclassypublishing [at] gmail [dot] com

They are Here.


For full description and image gallery of The Shepherdess and the Chimneysweep, Deeply Game’s 9th book, please click here or, if you are on the main page, scroll up.

Defaced Princesses

Disintegrating children’s books with annotations:

Jack Pumpkinhead of Oz, enhanced in crayon by my mother at age 6;

Once Upon a Time, traced in pencil by an unknown child artist, named Betty McCallum, sometime between the 1920′s and the 60′s; and

Greenleaf’s Common School Arithmetic, annotated by Amy Batchelder, also unknown to me, 1865.

While engaged in the daily struggle to protect my vintage book collection from the ravages of time and little hands, I began to notice that from a photographer’s viewpoint, the crayon-, pencil-, and other marks made in past decades have now matured into enhancements.  A consideration of looking vs. doing and the sanctity of the mint-condition object, this series has been particularly meaningful to me as a parent who hopes to guide my own daughter into approaching beauty as something that can be either found or made, and most importantly as something that she herself can define.

Photographs copyright Sara Press, 2012

Boxes, for Shepherdess/Chimneysweep book

…are now available.   Beautiful job, Andy!


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